ICO Anderson Tecnatorch SBS

Ref: 013    Category: Flat Roofing

Anderson Tecnatorch SBS Mineral is intended for use as the capsheet layer within a bituminous built-up torch-on roofing system. The membranes utilise a special grooved adhesion technology. The self-finished mineral surface provides a decorative and solar reflective finish for the built-up waterproofing system.

Tecnatorch torch-on capsheets are designed to save time and money during the installation of new or refurbished flat roofs, while also ensuring exceptional, proven performance.

Tecnatorch is a versatile roofing system for use with the following suitably prepared deck types: Plywood, OSB3, Timber Boarding, Profiled Metal Decking and Concrete/screeded surfaces. As well as being used on new build warm roofs, Tecnatorch can also be used, subject to Icopal approval, on cold and inverted roofs and as a refurbishment overlay system.

Tecnatorch capsheets are also available in FireSmart

Features & Benefits

  • 25% less gas and 30% faster application than traditional torch-on membranes.
  • Exceptional bond strength.
  • Greater lap security.
  • Safer low flame application.
  • Easy to cut, handle and apply.
  • Wide choice of colours.

– See more at: http://www.icopal.co.uk/Products/Bitumen_Roofing/Torch_On_Roofing/SBS_Torch_On_Membranes/Tecnatorch_SBS_Torch_On_Capsheets.aspx#sthash.bt3AMjXR.dpuf