Returns Policy

Delivery and Returns Policy


Deliveries  – Deliveries are available and are subject to a standard charge of £30 per order.  Please ensure that there is site access, ability to unload and someone to sign for the delivery.  The signature is accepted by us as a valid proof of delivery in the right condition. Failure to meet the criteria may result in this service begin withdrawn and/or re-delivery charge being passed on.

Damage  –  Goods that are damaged in transit must be marked on the delivery driver’s paperwork prior to signing for the goods delivered, and reported to us within seven working days of the actual delivery date.  Faults that were not evident during an inspection upon receipt of goods must be reported within 14 days of the delivery date.

Returns policy  – To return goods the following conditions must be met:

  1. We  must be able to inspect and/or collect goods that are to be returned prior to the acceptance of the goods for return.
  2. Goods will only be accepted for return if the condition of both products and packaging allow for resale.
  3. A return fee of £20 per item will apply to all returns.  The maximum charge per order will be £200.
  4. A return carriage charge of £30 will apply to all good.
  5. Return fees are in addition to the return carriage charge for the goods.


Delivery Charge £30 per Order
Return Fee £25 per item (maximum of £200)
Collection Charge £30 per order


  1. While awaiting either inspection or collection you shall take all reasonable precautions to prevent any damage to the product (including packaging)
  2. Transport Companies action on our behalf will only collect the specific items described on the collection note.  No other items will be accepted.
  3. Replacement panes (IPL), component parts of packages or any product with codes being “SPECIAL” and made for specific customer requirements will not be accepted for returns.


Cancellations policy  – Customers who purchase goods on-line have the right to cancel within 14 days of purchase being delivered without giving a reason, subject to return fees shown in our returns policy above.  Refund will be made within 14 days of receiving the goods back from you.